Dan Kafer

He continued to return to the Goldenwest campus on photography assignments even after moving on to Cal State Fullerton. Although his intention was to become an art teacher, his allegiance slowly shifted from his students at CSUF to the cosmetology department at Goldenwest. Possibly influenced by the gender ratio, he was persuaded he ahd the personality and temperament to be a great salon owner. And he has been for over 30 years. Dan has done hair in the Southern California area for 34 years. He has exhibited at a large number of hair shows and expositions.

As a young boy, native to Southern California, what could possibly take you attention away from surfing and girls? Well, surfing anyway; painting, of course. Challenged by a favorite uncle and mentor to spatter-paint a bedroom, a new passion was born in this young man and has since directed his path. After receiving honors and awards for his art through high school, he went on an extended working and surfing vacation in Hawaii, and was able to provide for himself by using his artwork on custom surfboards and various art projects, exhibiting in a Haleiwa gallery. Majoring in fine arts and photography at Goldenwest College he began working in the photography department at the college.